Date-   11th  April 2021 (sun)

(one day workshop)

Time:-  3:00pm to 4:30pm

Venue:- Zoom 

Normal Price: @499/-



DON’T KNOW WHAT IS MANDALA ART , don’t worry LEARN the Basics of creating a mandala art piece with JAIMIN MISTRY. It will b like you making art with many people and enhancing the creativity and ideas of making your own mandala piece by yourself.!


1) Plain paper (recommend size A4- if its your start in mandala art.)

2) Compass(rounder) (or circular bowls of different sizes between 1 to 7 inches)

3) pencil and Scale

3) SIMPLE PEN is okay if u don’t have others.( can have different thickness and colours too ).

4) If you have simple pen , paper , scale, rounder/ bowls. You can join( Basic is this )

5) (EXTRAS – Not necessary) Incase you want add colors you can do it for natural ones too with some ( turmeric / coffee or water-colour ) by just adding small amount of water to it, Its not compulsory if u don,t have no worries just plan paper is fine.

I will be COLOURING my paper before time so we can start with mandala art directly, u can do the same thing before class by using some natural colours (turmeric,coffee) with some water .

Normal Price: @499/-


→The session has been planned in such a way that people with no background in art would also get value from the session. 

→You will be able to learn from the scratch, how to draw your own mandala art.

→ After this session you will be able to make something really cool by yourself.

→And the best part is if you have never drawn in your life, then YES you can join this workshop it will be completely beginner friendly Workshop!

Who all can register for this workshop?

Anyone who is interested in exploring their inner artist can register for this course to get new perspectives on different techniques of creating  MANDALA art and using DRAWING medium.

Will there be an advanced level course after the completion of this workshop?
 Yes, there will be an advanced-level course/workshop for everyone wanting to get a deeper understanding of the topic. Details will be sent via mail or on whatsapp group regarding enrollment.

So Hurrry!!!!!

GRAB YOUR SEAT  because yes It’s LIMITED!!

Normal Price: @499/-

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Normal Price: @499/-