Dot Mandala

  • Dotting tools :-
  • Acrylic Colors  :- ( 10 shades )
  • Circle Canvas Board :- (8 inch 0r  10 inch or 12 inch)  Alternative :- Square canvas is also fine  (10’by10′ or any other size near to it)
  • Apsara glass pencil (white Colour)(for Acrylic balck coloured canvas , for guidelines):- (Please type this you will find first link to buy ) Or else TRY nearby stationery store (6 rs)        
  • Pouring Medium:-  (Alternative :- Use water)
  • Kneaded Eraser:-
  • Small Plastic Containers:- (To fill colors maded with pouring medium) So that you can use later too. (not compulsory)
****Please have a look at the pictures below for reference***

Intricate Mandala

  • Pens :- Ball Pen ( Black ) Different thickness pens **Alternative:- Thick Marker ( 10 rs permanent Black Marker)***
  • Sakura Microns (pens) :-  0.5 & 0.05 (for detailing):-
  • *01: (Dont buy if you are buying sakura bundle below link)  
  • *Sakura Bundle of five different sizes pen set:-
  • A4 size Paper – 180gsm to 200 gsm :- White A4  Black A4 size paper:-
  • For practicing please use printer paper :-             Alternative To all links mentioned above regarding A4 size paper  :- (Normal drawing book paper is also fine)
  • If you are buying from stationery store :-   A4 Size Paper :- 20 sheets size (140gsm to 180gsm) is fine .   A4 size practice paper :-  30 to 40 printer paper are fine too (75 to 100gsm)
  • Brush pen:-
  • Sharpie (Black):- 
  •  Alternative:- Thick Marker ( 10 rs permanent Black Marker)
  • Camlin Nova Compass – Rs 80 (Must buy so you can use with a pen as well) – You can buy a rounder that can fit a pen easily. – Have a look at the below picture.
****Please have a look at the pictures below for reference***

Color Mandala/3D Mandala/ Background Mandala

  • Color Pencil :-
  • Color Microns :- Size (1) (Not Necessary to buy ( Just giving best option)
  • Color Markers :-   (Ignore if you have bought sharpies)***Alternative:- Use Sketch pens & Color pens      (If you don’t have the above materials )*** 
  • Watercolours:-
  • Flat Paint brush size between 10 to 12 (any 1 is fine) :-  Buy it from a local stationery store !   **Alternative:- (any round brush is fine too)****